Le Journel de Local
Campaign Brief

During the Cannes International Festival of Creativity blah blah blah

"My air compressor for filling the scuba tanks is from a WW2 German U-boat. My grandfather stole it from a city called Toulon and brought it back to Cannes many years ago. They used it to compress the tubes that launch the torpedoes. I started on this scuba boat when I was 12 after watching many Jacques Cousteau documentaries. It was Cannes' first diving centre, and now I own it.

It is interesting because most people think the water is just blue and flat and salt. But with diving we show them that underwater there is life, and this helps them understand that when they throw a can or cigarette in the water, this life gets destroyed. It is more obvious with land. When you take someone to the forest, they see there are many things worth keeping safe.

So, my main reason for diving is not money. It is to teach people there is something below the surface and that we must protect it for our children...okay maybe a little money." 

- Fred Dessart, owner, Plongee Club de Cannes Diving Centre, Cannes

"I am from Champagne, but I met my husband in the Hotel de Paris in Monaco. I was an air hostess and he was a very good chef at the hotel. One day I got a call from my best friend in Cannes and she said she had to sell her restaurant quickly or the bank would take her house. I said okay we can help. If you give us the key, Romain and I will come and make a new story in Cannes. This was 21 years ago. In the beginning it was very hard. We lived for two years with my parents and still now there is never a Sunday, never a holiday. It's non-stop. I want to take the boat out with my father, but it's not possible. It's a good job though. In four years, I stop. I will be 60. I go on my boat." 

- Fabienne Lamblin, Gavroche Restaurant, Old Town, Cannes

"I was jumping horses in Monaco and there were people taking pictures. After I finished, they came up to me and said that because of my height I should consider modeling. Since then I have modeled in Milan, Paris, Madrid, all over Europe. I also have a master's degree in marketing from London. But, in the end I chose modeling as my career. I do my own marketing now." 

- Charlotte Murray, Sainte-Marguerite Island, Cannes  


"I've been singing since I was a child because my father was an opera singer in Milano. He was the one that found my voice and told me that I must sing. For me it's a passion. I have a business driving hundreds of artists and musicians around Cannes, but that is just a job. I sing because you can't compare the feeling. Wherever the parties are - Paris, England, Ireland, Italy - I make people smile. And when they smile, I smile. I was supposed to finish at 11pm because the people in the rooms upstairs complain about the noise...but I will sing one more song."

- Vincent Cicocolla, Martinez Hotel, Cannes